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Where the ECCO 2017 will take place?

Building A11 of the Masaryk University Campus in Brno
Czech Republic


Masaryk University Campus
Kamenice 5
625 00 Brno-Bohunice
Czech Republic



How to travel to Brno?

By Plane

The Brno International Airport provides flights to and from Prague, London, Munich, Eindhoven and other destinations. It’s located 12 km/20 minutes from the city center and you can easily take a taxi or the express bus (no. 76). The bus stop is located directly outside the airport entrance and the express bus goes to Hlavní Nádraží (Brno’s central railway station).

Other airports nearby with relatively fast connection by bus are in:


The easiest transportation from Vienna airport to Brno is provided by bus operator RegioJet offering 8 connections daily from Vienna to Brno from 13 EUR one way. The station is located directly outside the airport terminal. Travel duration is approximately 2.5 hours. Tickets are available online. International buses stop at the bus station opposite the Grand Hotel (Brno) near Hlavní Nádraží (Brno’s central railway station).


The easiest transportation from Prague to Brno is provided by bus operator RegioJet offering 36 connections daily from Prague to Brno from 8 EUR one way. Travel duration is approximately 2.5 hours (4 hours including a possible transfer in Prague). Tickets are available online. Buses stop at the bus station opposite the Grand Hotel (Brno) near Hlavní Nádraží (Brno’s central railway station).


There is no direct transport connection between the airport and Brno. You would have to take a city bus to the centre of Bratislava and then take a taxi, bus or train to Brno from there.

By Train

The Brno central railway station lies directly in the city centre. Trains between Prague and Brno operate in 1-hour intervals. Brno is also easily accessible by direct trains from Vienna, Bratislava, Berlin or Budapest, which operate several times a day.

By Bus

The Brno main bus station "UAN Zvonarka" lies near the city centre and is accessible from most Central European capitals.

By Car

Brno has highway connections with Prague (route D1, approx. 200 km) and Bratislava (Slovak Republic) (route D2, approx. 120 km). From Vienna use routes A5, B7 (Austria), and 52 (Czech Republic).

For travel on highways in the Czech Republic, Slovac Republic or Austria, a vignette sticker is necessary. Vignettes can be purchased at fuel stations, border crossings and other places providing services for motorists.

Travelling within Brno

How to travel within Brno?

If you intend to use public transport for your journey to your hotel, ECCO 2017 meeting venue or the city centre, please find suitable connections on the electronic timetables. English and German language version are available (see bottom right corner of the search form).


One-way ticket costs 25 CZK (approx. 1 €) (valid in Brno centre, zones 100+101)

One-day ticket costs 100 CZK (approx. 3,7 €) (valid in Brno centre, zones 100+101 and specified zones)

The most important stops

Masaryk University Campus

Masaryk University Campus


The Czech Republic has a temperate climate. In September the weather is usually warm. The average temperature is about 16-20 °C (61-68 °F) but temperatures may occasionally exceed 25 °C (77 °F)


Czech Collection of Microorganisms
Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic

ECCO 2017

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